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MELT, FLOAT, HEAL Evening Retreat!

Join Sara at Go with the Float in Easthampton MA for a 3 hour healing, integration and expansion experience.

Working with MELT Method soft foam roller and MELT Method hand and foot balls, Sara will lead you through a series of MELT (more on this below!) moves to prepare your body and mind for a nourishing experience in the Float Tank. Release stuck stress in your body, rehydrate your connective tissue, help your body rebalance at the nervous system level and feel more fluidity before you enter the tank.

Next, experience a 1 hour Float in a sensory deprivation tank to receive deep states of relaxation and healing across all layers of being, while receiving energy healing from Sara. Your time in the tank will be completely private, and Sara will be offering personal and collective energetic healing from a nearby space.

Release what no longer serves
Release what does not belong to you
Activate gifts and healing potentials
Liberate, dispel and let go of invasions/entities/energies
Amplify your essence
Cultivate coherence
Clarify your channel
Deeply rest
Recalibrate, rebalance and reorganize physically and energetically
Connect with guides, ancestors and Beings
Stay open to infinite potential and possibility!

Activate your divinity

(Book in 2 or more dates and receive each ticket for $159)

4 Spots Available for each date



Sep 28 2023


6:30 pm - 9:30 pm



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Go with the Float
Easthampton, MA
Sara Vatore


Sara Vatore

Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Multidimensional Guide, Intuitive Healer, Level 2 MELT Method® Instructor

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